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Page Speed: Your site is slower then the competition, and NO ONE likes a slow site. +Open Remediation

AMP: URL NOT found + Open Remediation

Webpage Authority: 58 PA, GREAT JOB

Continue to build high DA/PA backlinks steady but slow.

Content-Length: 1724 Words On Page + Remediation

https Access: GREAT! Your site is secured via https

Mobile Speed: 62 score, Great job!

Backlinks Found: 50191 score, Great job!

Errors Found: 92 errors on this webpage + Open Remediation

Video On Page: Not Found. + Open Remediation

Social Media Stats: = 10249, = 53, = 0, + Open Remediation

6 Other Areas Coming Soon Based On Research: Data-driven Results Only Matter

Keyword in Title: Not Found. + Open Remediation

Keyword in Body: Not Found. + Open Remediation

Keyword in META Description Tag: Not Found in meta tag. + Open Remediation

Keyword in H1 Tag: Not Found in H1 tags. + Open Remediation

Has Robots.txt File: community fitness Great your robots file is accessible.

Has sitemap.xml file: Excellent job, we found your sitemap, just make sure it remains updated!

Top Sites

Target Keyword community fitness

Page Speed: Your competitors sites on average have a faster load time

Fix this ASAP by optimizomg your site by compressing all images, minified assets, utilize server tech like gzip and caching.

AMP pages: 0 out 4 have Amp pages!

Level up this is easy to fix by visiting ampproject.org .

Webpage Authority: 37.67 PA average

Content-Length Average 5207.0 words on site

https Access: 50.0 % have an SSL

Mobile SPEED: 50.00 average score

Avg Backlinks: 1417.5 average score

Avg Errors found: 45.75, Good job you have less errors

Video On Page: 0 videos on page! This is low hanging fruit. Get to it ASAP.

Social Media Avg Stats:

718.0 , 5.0 , 0.0 ,

keyword in title found: 5 out of 4 | Avg Length 45.5

keyword in the body: 0 out of 4

keyword in meta description: 0 out of 4 | Avg Length 65.25

keyword in H1 Tag: 0 out 4 have community fitness in their H1 tags and Neither do you!

Low hanging fruit fix this ASAP!!!

Sitemaps: 1 out 4 have sitemaps and so do you.

* Meet the competition, they have 8 more areas you SHOULD work on

http://www.communityfitness.com/schedule/, http://www.communityfitness.com/, https://communityfitnesslakeland.com/, https://www.fitnessblender.com/community,

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