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Find Brokenlinks by Keyword

Relevant, backlinks in a nutshell...

Broken link finder tool

If you want better search engine rankings, part of the equation is gaining relevant, aged backlinks. We'll help you find broken backlinks by keywords you wish to rank for.

  • Search by keyword & view instant results of broken links.
  • Contact the site about the broken link you found and the replacement.
  • One hand washes the other and your helping build a better internet.

The broken link finder tool is the perfect addition to increase your backlink portfolio.

Broken Link Intelligence

One of the easiest ways to get high value backlinks from aged content.

Productivity Increased
Relevant Links
Wasted Time
User Friendly


“Before this tool we would waste hours searching the web for relevant websites that had a broken link for us to contact about. Even worst sometimes websites wont reward you by adding your backlink so th ROI for those hours would = NOTHING.”

- Jason M.

Owner of WhoRanksFor
“Just like any other part of business, time you put into ANYTHING must be optimized. Time is the one commodity you can never get back & we live by the saying "work smarter, not harder". What could you do with more time?"

- Elizabeth Gardner

SEO Optimizer at WhoRanksFor
“We see search engine ranking as a competition and this industry secret of finding dead and broken backlinks is how you will gain heavy weight links that search engines value more. This is an ever green solution because the average website is only alive for less then 3 years”

- Adam Carlisle

Analyst at WhoRanksFor