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Don't Get Left Out Of Search Engine Results

Why Create A Sitemap

An sitemap is an XML reference page that helps search engines understand the layout of your website and how to access all links to serve on its results.

The Benefits of a Sitemap.xml Page

Sitemaps provide clarity to all search engines for inclusion in their search engine result pages.

  • It allows you to add info about URL's like when it was updated and how often it changes to queue search engine crawlers to keep coming back to re-crawl.
  • It's basically a blueprint of your website that is formatted in the best language for search engines to index all of your sites pages.
  • Our Build A Sitemap free tool makes it easy.

The Goal

Get search engines to understand how to find ALL your urls and website structure.

  • Boost of SEO efforts
  • Establishes Origination of Content
  • Clarify relationships between pages and files on your website.