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Why Wouldn't YOU

Submit A Sitemap?

Have you ever tried guessing the direction to a location you dont often visit?
Not the best solution is it? that's exactly what its like when you dont submit an sitemap.xml to search engines. They may find some of your URL's but they might NOT.
When it comes to improving your search engine rankings its never a good idea to leave it to chance.
If Google/Bing has your sitemap they know where all of your links are located and the more they can include in their search results.
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What Is A Sitemap?

A Sitemap is an XML file on your web server.
Its Like An Organization Map that structures your website by links and how they interconnect.
Search Engines like Bing, Google and Duckduckgo utilize sitemaps to crawl your site because it makes their job easier for inclusion into their results.
Do You Need A Sitemap? YES... some may argue no, but in my 11 years of online marketing experience it helps.

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When Should you Perform

A Sitemap Submission

Once you have created a sitemap that is properly structured with all your links and attributes you should submit your .xml file to Google and Bing with a tool like ours.
Once you submit the sitemap with our tool within 72 hours search engines have included more of your website into their index.
Make sure you have created access to Google and Bing Webmaster tools so you can see whats been indexed, errors, etc.
You dont have to resubmit everyday your frequency attribute will give search engines an idea of how often they should visit!
How To

Create An XML Sitemap

If you use a CRM like Wordpress, Drupal, etc its as simple as installing a plugin and running it.
Otherwise you have 2 options
Use a tools like this one Sitemap Generator that you input your URL into and it automatically scans your website and creates the XML file for you.
Or you can build it yourself, here is an example of our Sitemap.xml after visiting that URL, right click, save and edit with your editor and fill in your data and save it. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at office@whoranksfor.com
how to create a sitemap.xml file

Online Success Awaits

3 Reasons to Submit Sitemaps.

Helps Web Crawlers

Intelligently finds even deep linked pages to be able to display them in their search results.

Better Indexing

Takes the guess work out of a web crawlers job by your sitemap mapping out the site structure.

Frequency Hints

Sitemaps.org protocols state by adding the changefreq option, crawlers may visit that frequently.