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Twitter profile Jason_Aldean, social media marketing stats for twitter audit @Jason_Aldean Twitter profile blakeshelton, social media marketing stats for Twitter Analysis@blakeshelton
Number of Followers 3716065 20632212
Engagement AVG 43796 99813
Daily Tweet AVG 4.51 2.77

Awesome Analysis!

Why A Twitter Fight?

More followers = More leads, sales & readers

How to use Twitter For Business Infographic

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Why A Twitter Analysis

3 reasons is all you need.

Twitter Follower Count

The user with more followers gets more eyes on their post, engagement and better brand awareness

Engagement Ratio

Do your post get more likes, retweets and comments? If not its time for a tuneup and try different post types

Daily Stats

If they post 2X per day, & you dont compare as far as engagement & followers, you post 10X per day