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First Meaningful Paint Speed

How long it takes for your critical content to load in seconds compared to your competitors.

YOU 0.3
Comps AVG 0.0
  • What Is First Meaningful Paint?

    Is the time when page's primary content appeared on the screen. This is going to be the primary metric for user-perceived loading experience.

Mobile Speed Score

Your mobile speed score affects user experience from bounce rates to dwell time. Between 0 to 1, one being the best possible score.

YOU 0.95
Comps AVG 0.0
  • What Is Mobile Speed Score?

    An evaluation of a number of factors, including the relationship between page speed and potential conversion rate from a mobile device perspective.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google is displaying AMP pages at the top of their results because they load faster and provide a better experience for website visitors.

Comps AVG 0
  • What Is AMP Pages?

    The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project is an open source initiative that came out of discussions between publishers and technology companies about the need to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone -- publishers, consumer platforms, advertisers, creators, and users. Today, the expectation is that content should load super fast and be easy to explore. The reality is that content can take several seconds to load, or, because the user abandons the slow page, never fully loads at all. Accelerated Mobile Pages are web pages designed to load near instantaneously -- they are a step towards a better mobile web for all.

Web Page Authority

The higher the score, the better the positions on search engine rankings.

YOU 19
Comps AVG 0.0
  • What Is Web Page Authority?

    PA is a score developed by Moz to predict how well a page might rank on search engines based on many factors like backlinks, trust, relevancy, spam, etc.

Content Word Count

Research shows longer content from 700 words and up do best on Google and Bing.

YOU 4035
Comps AVG 0
  • What Is Content Length?

    This is the amount of words found on a website page. The goal is to have a minimum of 700 words of killer content but may be more if your competitors are doing real content marketing..

EST: Reading Time

How long it will take the average site visitor to read your content.

YOU 20 mins
Comps AVG 0 mins
  • Why an estimated read time?

    By giving your readers an estimated read time you set the expectation of how much time users will need to view your content, thus allowing them to set that time aside just for you.


Examines complexity and spelling of your content through the Flesch-Kincaid test.

YOU 91
Comps AVG 0

Spell Checker

Examines content spellings from a search crawlers view and counts potential misspellings.

YOU 3861
Comps AVG 0
  • What is The Spell Check Test?

    The spell checker test is designed to interpret your content as a search engine to highlight potential issues with words that are misspelled or misinterpreted.

Sentiment Analysis

A computationally categorical score of text ranging from -1 and 1. Where 1 is most positive, -1 most negative and 0 being neutral.

YOU 0.4
Comps AVG []

https: SSL

Serving secured web page connections keeps data from your user to the website across the Internet encrypted.

YOU found
Comps 0% found
  • Do You Have A SSL Certificate?

    When a website has an https:// in front of its web page url it is providing an encrypted link between its web server and your browser for security. Having an SSL definitely improves trust by users and search engines alike and is a must!

Canonical URL

Declared a link element for the preferred version of this page?

Comps AVG 0 found
  • What Is A Canonical URL?

    Its an HTML element tag that tells search engines that this is the preferred version of a web page so that it doesnt think the is hosting duplicate content on


Ranging from code, broken links, missing images, failing to load a CSS and JS resources in comparison to your competitors:

Comps AVG 0
  • Why Error's Matter?

    Website errors not only affect the usability and user experience it will affect your rankings as your bounce rates increase and the time between when a user clicks on a result, and when the user returns from that search engine results page

Video On Page

Research shows having a video on your web page leads to higher conversions and decreases bounce rates.

Comps AVG 0

Keyword Found in Title

Is the target keyword: assignment help in australia found here:

Comps AVG 0 site(s) have it
  • What Is The HTML Title Tag?

    The title tag is the HTML element used as the headline for you web page on search engines. Your target keyword should be found here.

Keyword In Body Text

If you wish to rank well for a specific keyword it must exist in your body!

Comps AVG 0 site(s) have it

Keyword in Meta Description Tag

Is the keyword within the summary of your content:

Comps AVG 0 site(s) have it
  • What Is The Meta Description Tag?

    The meta description tag is summarized the page and placed in the head section of your web page. Its used by search engines listed on the result pages. You'll often hear people saying its 160 characters max but a simple Google search proves this wrong. I've seen up to 286 characters.

h1 Tag

Is assignment help in australia found in your h1 tag:

Comps AVG 0 site(s) have it
  • What Is The H1 Tag?

    The h1 tag is the most important heading tag in your HTML because its the main headline for your content.


Redirects found:

Comps AVG 1
  • What Is A Redirect?

    A redirect is when you attempt to open a URL but directed to a different page. It leads to a poor user experience and looks very unprofessional.

Empty Image Alts

Empty image alt tags found:

Comps AVG 0
  • What Is The Image Alt Tag?

    The alt attribute is used in an img tag and is the alternate text for an image that can't be displayed for any reason or in screen reader accessibility for people who are blind. This tag is not meant for keyword spam, use it to provide detailed data about the image.

Outbound Links (OBL)

Research shows there is correlation between higher ranking websites that have a relevant OBL with a higher pa then not having an outbound link.

YOU 11 found
Comps AVG 0 found

EST: Backlink Count

How many backlinks point to your web page:

Comps AVG 0
  • What Are Backlinks And Why Do They Matter?

    Its when a website has posted a URL of your web page on theirs and search engines see this as a vote for scoring a web pages ability to rank for certain keywords and content.

Social Media Shares

How many times have unique individuals on a particular social media site have shared your content.

YOU 0 Total
Comps AVG 0
  • Why Do Social Media Stats Matter?

    The more your website appears on social media the more your page is in front of others who may visit and use your website which leads to an increase in brand awareness and overall popularity.

Schema Structured Data Tags

Are you aiding search engines with microdata to better understand and categorize the items of your web page:

Comps AVG None
  • What Are Schema Tags?

    Metadata(Data About Data) tags that provide clues about the meaning of a pages data and type.

Twitter Card Tags

Are you attaching media and specific data via Twitter cards to be properly promoted on Twitter:

Comps AVG None
  • What Are Twitter Card Tags?

    Twitter markup tags are added to the head of your html. It provides you with the ability to optimize your pages content for Twitter sharing to help promote your web page.

Facebook Open Graph Tags

Are you adding Facebook OG tags which allows your web page to have the same functionality as other objects do within Facebook:

Comps AVG None

GZip Compression

Are you compressing via your web server:

Comps AVG None
  • What Is GZip Compression?

    A compression algorithm that takes your websites files and makes them smaller resulting in a faster loading page.

Browser Caching

A score from 0-1 where one is the best score, on how will your site has the proper HTTP header directives implemented:

Comps AVG 0.0
  • What Is Browser Caching?

    When browser caching is enabled on a website, it allows for that website to load for you faster by storing certain components of that site locally and refreshing on set intervals.


Are you directing search engine crawlers on what they are allowed to crawl:

Comps AVG Some
  • What Is A Robots Tag Or File?

    This can be in your head portion of the HTML file as a tag or file, and are standards used by websites to tell a website crawlers what NOT to scan or process.

Safe Search Browsing

SafeSearch Violations Found:

Comps AVG 0


Do you have a favicon that shows in a browser's address bar implemented:

Comps AVG None
  • What Is A Favicon?

    A favicon, is a shortcut icon used as website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, and is a file associated with a particular website.