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Brokenlinks by Keyword

Has never been easier to find aged pages with resources that have gone 404. Search by a keyword, returns a list of pages with broken links, take advantage of these golden nuggets...
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Competitor Intelligence

Website Audits

Through our analysis and site comparison tool you will see your webpage speed, if the site is secured with https, social media share stats, backlink counts, if it has good meta tags, mobile friendly and so much more to see what it will take to outrank your competition and gain more web traffic, sales, leads...
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website audits
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Sitemap Submission

Is your latest pages or updates been indexed into all the search engines that matter? Submitting your sitemap regularly ensures your pages are in the...
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Faster Indexing

Ping Your Website FREE

By pinging your URL it alerts search engines that you have added new content to your website and gets it crawled sooner...
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Behind The Name

“Through out my career doing internet marketing for various websites once I received all the data I needed from the client I would go to a search engine and ask myself as I typed the keyword who ranks for? then I'd say in my evil villain voice; not for long!”

- Jason M.

Owner of WhoRanksFor LLC
“Next time you begin working on your website while your typing the keywords into the search bar, say out loud who ranks for? Then say: not for long!”

- Adam Carlisle

Analyst of